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One of the defining features of a Winton home is the wide range of floor plans we offer. Our team can do everything from quaint, affordable homes to luxurious custom homes! Each floor plan is designed and built with comfort, style, and energy efficiency in mind. You can even go on a virtual tour of our past floor plans with our virtual 3D floor plans.

Each custom home we offer is built using the highest Energy Star standards, which saves our clients money and reduces the carbon footprint of our homes. With proven construction methods and materials, there’s no match for our El Paso new construction homes! We truly believe form and function go hand and hand, a sentiment we carry on every new construction home project.

Accent Series

Our Accent Series is our tract home series, meaning similar homes are built near each other within a residential development. These affordable homes are great for first-time homeowners because they are priced right and built quickly but still come with some customizable features. Our Accent Series homes are constructed in as little as six months and are available for as little as $285,000.

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Flair Series

Our Flair Series consists of semi-custom new construction homes, meaning they have some standardized features with customizable elements throughout. These homes often come with a floor plan template that can be adjusted to meet more specific needs. Because of this, our Flair Series homes provide more flexibility for the homeowner than our Accent Series but remain relatively affordable.

You can purchase a Flair Series home for as little as $400,000 and expect a timeline of 9 months to a year or more.

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Custom Series

If you are looking for new construction built from the ground up with your ideas, our Custom Series is perfect for you. Our custom series gives homeowners complete control over the design process. Have an idea for a one-of-a-kind floor plan, topped with a full suite of luxurious add-ons like infinity pools, heated floors, etc.? No problem! Our team of home designers and engineers can create a new build made to the measure of your imagination.

Depending on what you are looking for, your custom home can cost anywhere from $500,000 to over a million dollars. The construction timeline also varies from project to project, but our new construction team will provide an estimated timeline during the design phase.

Our Communities

Winton Homes is based in El Paso, but we also build new construction homes in Las Cruces. Most of our homes are built on the West side of El Paso County, but we can build across El Paso County and Las Cruces. Communities like Rio Valley, Valencia Park, and more are home to some of our finest new construction homes. 

Visit our Communities page to learn more about our affordable custom homes. 

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