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The Accent Series

Our Most Affordable New Homes

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Our Accent Series represents an affordable home option for El Paso homeowners. The Accent Series consists of stylish, pre-designed homes with various sizes, features, and price points. This is often the best option for new homeowners looking for a reasonably-priced home with top-notch build quality and energy efficiency.

Luxury Meets Affordability

The Accent Series is our quality entry level option. An entry level housing development typically offers a few floorplan options with limited differences. While these homes don’t allow for full customization, they do tend to be less expensive and have faster timelines.

Our Accent Series homes share many of the features of our other homes, including the best in Energy Star appliances and design coupled with industry-leading quality and craftsmanship. We only work with the best materials and subcontractors to craft each and every home that holds the Winton name.

To learn more about our Accent Series homes, contact our El Paso new home builders directly at 915-584-8629!

Accent Series Price Range

Our Accent Series homes are typically our least expensive housing option, costing anywhere from $300,000 to $450,000 or more. Differences in location, square footage, and features will ultimately determine the final price of your Accent Series home.

Accent Series Construction Timeline

Our Accent Series homes have the shortest average timeline among the different real estate packages we offer. On average, you can expect your Accent Series home to be complete within 6-8 months after a design plan is finalized. This way, customers can quickly move into their luxurious and energy-efficient homes.

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