Custom Homes in El Paso, Texas

Custom Homes in El Paso, Texas

Building Fully Custom Homes in Southwest Texas and New Mexico

As a leading custom home builder in El Paso, we have seen firsthand what it means to our clients to own a quality new home. For some of us, our specific vision requires a special kind of home—and that is where our custom home builders come in. Winton Homes can make your vision a reality by offering fully customizable, Energy Star-certified homes.

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How Custom Is Custom?

For some El Paso custom home builders, their definition of custom means giving their clients predetermined options added to pre-designed floorplans. While we do offer these options for our Accent Series and Flair Series, we also create homes that are truly one-of-a-kind. You can give us a list of features and design ideas, and our expert designers and engineers will incorporate them into your new home plans.

At Winton Homes, when we say custom, we actually mean custom! For our fully-custom homes, nothing is set in stone. You don’t have to compromise or shrink your dreams when designing a Custom Series home. Simply come to us with your ideas and inspiration, and watch us make it a reality!

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Our Custom Home Options

Below are just some of the customization options that we have implemented in our custom homes:

  • Removing walls to create a more open layout
  • Dividing a larger space into multiple rooms
  • Expanding your kitchen for a larger entertaining area
  • Customizable ceiling height
  • Adding fireplaces
  • Adding skylights/sun tunnels
  • Constructing outdoor living spaces
  • Installing smart home accessories
  • Adding solar panels
  • Installing a home theater
  • Installing heated floors
  • Including various water accessories (infinity pool, waterfall, etc.)

These custom home options are just a few of our most common requests, but when you work with our experienced new construction team, the sky is the limit! To discuss your unique vision with our El Paso custom home builders, call 915-584-8629 today!

Custom Home Building Process

The first step in creating a fully custom home is to meet with you and discuss your vision. You can bring in any and all ideas for your home, including existing floorplans, pictures, blogs, and anything else that conveys your vision. For our Custom Series of homes, there’s absolutely no limit to what we can do!

Once our design and engineering teams have all the necessary information, they will draft a plan for your new home. We will then have a second meeting to discuss our proposed plan and any desired changes. Once you are happy with the design of your new home, we will draft a contract and begin the construction plan.

We will keep you updated throughout the design and construction process. Communication is key to a smooth home-building process, so we remain in constant communication before, during, and after construction.

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Energy Star Certified Custom Homes in El Paso

What really sets our custom home construction team apart is our ongoing commitment to Energy Star. Energy Star is a program headed by the EPA and the Department of Energy that sets energy efficiency and safety standards. For years, we have built every home to the high standards set by Energy Star. This means using high-quality windows, doors, lights, HVAC systems, and much more.

By adhering to these standards for every new build we produce, we help our clients save money, improve home value, and reduce their carbon footprint. Not to mention some additions like solar panels can even put money back into your pocket!

Energy Star is a large part of what we do. So much so, in fact, that we recently won an award from Energy Star in the Partner of the Year category. We are proud to work with Energy Star and consistently exceed their standards for efficiency and excellence.

Custom Series Construction Timeline

The timeline for our custom homes highly depends on the kind of home clients are looking for. For example, a custom home that follows an existing floor plan but incorporates a few changes may be finished faster than a home with a brand new floor plan with extensive customizations.

Some of our custom homes can be completed in less than a year, whereas some of our most ambitious home designs may take 2+ years to fully complete. Once a design has been agreed upon, we can offer a realistic timeframe for the completion of your home.

El Paso Custom Home Pricing and Financing Information

Our Custom Series homes’ average cost is between  $600,000 and $1,000,000+. As our valued client, you ultimately determine the scope of your fully custom home, so your project can be as grand and intricate as you desire. Our team is always excited and inspired to create a one-of-a-kind home that balances luxury and efficiency.

We offer financing through CrossCountry Mortgage to support home buyers in finding the perfect financial option for their needs.

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Create Your El Paso Custom Home with Winton!

WintonHomes is proud to be one of the few true custom home builders in El Paso and Las Cruces. We love letting the imagination of our clients guide our work, allowing us to create the perfect home for those who choose us.

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