A family smiling and playing in the living room of an El Paso new construction home.

Family-Friendly Home Design Trends

Just like starting a family, new construction homes are a commitment. It is necessary to have the ability to customize your home to suit the current and future needs of your family. 

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Current Trends

Unlike most trends, these family-friendly home designs won’t go out of style. Instead, they’ll grow with you and your family over time!

  • Mudroom: Kids are always running in and out, splashing in puddles and mud, and jumping into leaf piles. Whatever mess they encounter, they may track in. A mudroom is perfect for kicking off dirty shoes and rain-soaked clothes. Let disaster be contained in one room where it’s easy to clean and hide when those unexpected guests come over!
  • Family or Entertainment Rooms: A great place to gather while keeping the rest of the house sectioned off. The kids can easily play video games while you’re entertaining in a separate room or working from home in the room over. 
  • Open Kitchen: Wherever you go, your kids go. So while you’re cooking dinner, you likely have a little one hanging around at your feet or running around you. Open kitchens with plenty of room maintain the flow of space, allowing your kids to run in and out without bumping into you.
  • Family Bathroom: Whether you have one bathroom or two, a family bathroom with dual sinks is a must to keep the house’s flow moving and ensure routines stay on track.
  • Flexible and Multi-Purpose Rooms: Just like the rest of us, your kids will grow and change, so your home should be able to do that with them. When planning the layout or functionality of your home, think with the future in mind. More kids? Ensure that the guest bedroom or office can turn into another room or vice versa.
  • Storage Here, There, Everywhere: With kids come plenty of things! From books to toys to markers and crayons and more built-in storage is an absolute necessity if you don’t want your home looking like a tornado just went through it. You can also consider furniture with built-in storage, like ottomans, to maximize your space and make for easy cleanup.
  • Rounded Corners: Accidents happen, but an easy way to minimize them is by opting for furniture with rounded corners. If, for certain built-ins like kitchen islands or countertops, that isn’t an option, consider attaching edge protectors to keep your kiddos safe.
  • Durable Materials: Kids can wreak havoc on your home, so choose stain-resistant materials like microfiber, leather, or vinyl to prolong the life of items like kitchen appliances, handles, and floors to limit replacements or repairs.

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