Affordable Housing: Trends and Innovations

A couple moving into a new house celebrating in El Paso.

As housing costs continue to rise, first-time and existing homeowners are looking for innovative and affordable housing solutions. That’s where Winton Homes comes in. For more than 30 years, our expert builders have helped El Paso residents design and build dream homes that fit their budgets. From semi-custom to fully-custom home projects, find out how […]

What to Incorporate Into Your New El Paso Home

Floor plan blueprints of an El Paso new build with pencils outlining the shape of a home.

El Paso homeowners are looking to trends that embrace sustainability and technology with a harmonious blend of nature throughout. With the help of Winton Homes, you’re in luck! For 30 years, we have created smart new build homes that utilize the best materials and the lowest Home Energy Rating System Index scores. Contact us online […]

The Importance of Location in Your New Construction Home Search

A row of new construction homes being built in El Paso.

  If you’re considering a new construction home, one of the most critical decisions you’ll make is finding the right location. While the allure of affordable homes in El Paso may be strong, it’s important to recognize the relationship between the home itself and its surroundings. However, with the help of Winton Homes, you’re in […]