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The Luxury Advantage: Building Life-Changing Luxury in Your Custom Home

It is more than just about more square feet. What exactly defines a luxury home is largely subjective, though there are some common characteristics that a home labeled as “luxury” might share including prime location, more square footage, better materials, etc. Yet, that doesn’t tell a potential homeowner much. The word describes more than just shiny appliances or a bigger bedroom. Luxury ultimately lies in the eye of the beholder, particularly when it comes to Winton’s custom homes, as you get to bring so much of your vision to life. 

The Many Definitions of Luxury 

The word luxury is ambidextrous, flexible, and can morph into many things. It can refer to a high-end California mansion, waterfront estate, high cast-iron gates that mark the entrance, or it can mean a number of high-end amenities that take the home to another level. Luxury is not simply about beauty and aesthetics that impress, it is also about functionality and having a home that performs and bends to the lifestyle of the homeowner and the occupants. 

What Sets Winton Luxury Apart?

People are far less concerned about square footage—although it still comes into play— than they are about making sure their home feels and looks like the dream home they have envisioned. This means focusing on certain amenities, features, and characteristics of the home that completely separate it from an average construction home. Similarly, a luxury home stands apart from others because of the quality of the material and craftsmanship. 

Luxury amenities will vary greatly depending on the type of home, area of the country, architectural style, etc. It might include things like an infinity pool and stone bathtubs. 

Popular Features of Luxury Homes Today 

Space and Open Layouts. Although the open layout is not particular to luxury homes, homebuyers looking for more high end builds will seek a well designed open layout that has rolling floor plans and high ceilings that provides the wide-open spaces people look for today. 

Smart technology. Integrating smart technology into your home is not just a novelty. For people looking for that extra bit of performance and convenience, having smart home technology certainly tugs on the luxury heartstrings. That’s because performance and convenience are inextricably tied to what many homeowners would deem luxury. 

Other Amenities:

Wet Rooms. Jacuzzis were once considered the king of luxury and lavish lifestyles, but the wet rooms seem to have taken its place. A well-ventilated wet room with multi-leveled and different styles showerheads is high on the wants list. 

Technology and media centers. With the increasing integration of all devices and into some wi-fi related activity. To build it right, high-end media centers require careful planning before the building begins. This includes proper paneling and even a minibar, a catering kitchen, and other cinema-like amenities built-in. 

Open Kitchens. Just like the open layouts, the open kitchens have been in vogue for some time, but many homeowners looking for a more luxury feel want a layout that is wide open and built for entertaining. 

Luxury Kitchens. The kitchen is an interesting space where many homeowners explore new styles and materials that make their homes look sleek and modern. These high-end kitchens adopt a variety of styles and designs, often with a very minimalist take. Luxury kitchens often contain a refrigerator that seamlessly blends in, has an open layout for big meals and entertaining, trash can and recycling is also hidden, high-performance appliances, countertops made of high-end material like natural stone, and even smart home features. 

Luxury Bathrooms. Just like the kitchen, the materials and layout of the bathroom will make a big difference. Luxury bathrooms will have customized vanities, larger shower areas, stand-alone tubs, beautiful lighting fixtures, glass, and more. Take the sink to the next level by adding unique designs, symmetry, marbled walls, polished mosaic, and much more. 

Many of today’s modern and luxury designs will have neutral colors like whites and grays, black and grays, and even all white. On the other end of the spectrum, some people will choose to have one bold color that really pops and combine it with  People are looking to simplify but never at the expense of refined taste and style. 

In the end, there is no single definition of the word luxury. It comes in different styles, but it typically will have the quality of the material, the precision of the design, structural integrity, craftsmanship, and architectural supremacy. With luxury homes, details are everything and here at Winton Homes, we make sure we focus on every detail so that your home is the one you envision: from the color of the tiles to the layout, to the building materials, paints, and more.

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