The Incredible Benefits of Energy Star Homes in El Paso

Energy efficiency is the new normal. In every industry, people are looking for ways to improve their energy use and make their systems more effective and robust. The same goes for standards used in the construction of new homes in El Paso. 

New home construction is shifting towards a more sustainable form of building, both in design, appliances, and materials used. So how do homeowners know if their homes are energy efficient? It’s easy, choose an Energy Star-certified home builder!

Energy Star ensures that your home meets certain energy standards. Let’s explore how this works. 

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What is Energy Star?

Founded on March 15, 1992, Energy Star is a joint effort of two governmental entities; the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. The Department of Energy. These two entities joined forces to develop a program that would define and set standards for efficient products and practices. A few decades later, this program holds the gold standard of energy efficiency. 

In 1996, EPA and the Department of Energy came together to redefine certain product categories. The development of the Energy Star label has now become recognizable throughout the U.S. and even parts of Europe. 

With energy prices being what they are in 2022, the necessity to look for energy-efficient options has come to the forefront once more.  In the last few decades, the practical need for strict standards of energy performance has improved and become prevalent. 

A Quick Historical Overview

After Energy Star’s introduction, various government, public, and private entities were quick to adopt the standards. In 1993, for example, President Clinton signed an Executive Order that prompted government agencies to purchase Energy Star equipment, including monitors, printers, and computers. 

By 1998, Energy Star categories extended to other types of products, including televisions, VCRs, windows, skylights, and even roofing products. By 2002, the U.S had built more than 100,000 homes with the Energy Star certification. By 2010, 80% of American households recognized the blue label and what it signified for construction and appliances. 

What Makes an Energy Star Home? 

Energy Star-certified buildings, homes, and apartments are designed and built differently from the ground up. For residents and dwellers, this translates to better durability, comfort, and reduced utility and maintenance costs. These certifications can also be region-specific, modified to fit local climate and conditions, thus increasing performance and functionality. 

For most new construction, Energy Star certification begins before building starts. To earn the Energy Star rating, a building must meet strict requirements from the EPA. This type of construction will give people peace of mind, as buildings will require more inspections and testing that meet the stated standards. 

What are the Benefits of an Energy Star Certification?

The Energy Star label says a lot about a home or building. The benefits of having your home builders or construction experts building with Energy Star will mean: 

#1 Enduring Quality 

  • Better quality systems. When a home is designed with Energy Star standards in mind, it is built from the ground up with better energy systems. This might include thermal enclosure systems that have comprehensive air sealing, insulation, and high-performance windows. 

  • Better HVAC systems. Another important system in your home is your HVAC, which controls the temperature in your home. 

  • Water management systems. You want your home protected from water and moisture damage. With high-quality water management systems, you can better protect roofs, walls, and the home’s foundation. 

  • Energy-efficient appliances. Including Energy Star appliances such as fridges, washers and dryers, and other appliances in your home adds to your home’s performance. 

#2 Comfort 

In addition to performance, Energy Star standard increases a person’s comfort in their home. By improving the control and energy efficiency, a home’s performance improves in the following ways:

  • Controlled humidity and temperature control

  • Supply of fresh and filtered air 

  • Decreased dust, pollen, and other allergens 

  • Consistent temperatures 

  • Incoming natural light without increasing heat or cold 

#3 Increased Value 

The Energy Star certification provides added value for you and future homeowners. If you decide to move out, the certification will be a proven added value for the next potential homeowners. At the same time, it adds value in the form of savings in present bills and costs. 

Design Better & Increase Comfort with Our Custom Home Builders!

Energy Star certification is a way to ensure your El Paso home is designed and built for better and more efficient energy consumption. It goes far beyond that, however. The certification gives owners peace of mind that builders followed strict guidelines and restrictions. 

Energy Star certification will improve home performance, comfort, and durability, while decreasing the amount of maintenance and other repairs with older appliances or building techniques. As custom home builders, we ensure our designs fit today’s demanding lifestyles and energy needs. 

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