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How To Prepare Your Kids When Moving Out

happy family with two kids packing up boxes for moving daySo the time’s come to move your growing family into a bigger house. Although moving is a very common fact of life, it can still throw your young ones for a loop! Winton Homes is ready to help you avoid the stressful situations that may arise from moving into a new home. El Paso is a big, beautiful city full of excellent schools and wonderful parks. There are many ways to help your children (and family) cope with the relocation, whether it’s to a home a few minutes away or all across town.

Why It’s Important To Prepare

If you changed houses when you were young, you may understand how traumatic the event can truly feel. And it’s understandable! Young children might’ve been living in your previous home for their entire lives so their fear is understandable. One of the best ways to prepare your child for the “uprooting” is by letting them know that it’s going to happen sometime in advance. Instead of pulling the rug out from under your child, let them know what will happen a few weeks ahead. Explain to them why a move is necessary and about how exciting it can actually be! Let them know about the new home, perhaps take them to an open house or let them choose their room.

How To Deal Moving Day

As move day draws near, it may best to let your child say goodbye to their old home. This can get very emotional so be prepared for some waterworks. In the end, it will help your child move on and feel better about moving out. Take them through every room, recall happy memories in each room. Also, perhaps point things out such as the size of the rooms. If the new home will have more rooms (or large rooms), point this out and explain how your new house will be bigger and more comfortable. This will help your child detach from the old home and get used to the thought of the new home.

Now, the hardest thing may be getting your child used to a new neighborhood. When you choose Winton Homes, you can rest assured knowing your new neighborhood will be homey and comfortable. Perhaps there are parks nearby or other fun, nearby locations. You could also get your child accustomed to the neighborhood prior to moving out entirely so they can be as familiar with the neighborhood as possible. Then, when your family moves into your new Winton Home, there won’t be any traumatic memories! Instead, it will be a positive and joyful experience. Contact us today to learn more.

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