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How to Decorate Your Home for The Season of Thanks

Autumn decorated house lined with pumpkins, hay, and natural, outdoor elements.

If you’ve been thinking of reusing last year’s Thanksgiving decorations, it’s time to think twice! This holiday season, you can create an inviting, unique fall scene with a few new DIY projects. From rustic Thanksgiving table settings to simple Thanksgiving decoration ideas for your living room and dining room, there’s a new idea we can guarantee can fit the style of every homeowner—traditional or modern, it all works the same! You can create Thanksgiving centerpieces to delight each and every guest of yours on Thanksgiving day, put together charming ice buckets made out of craft pumpkins, and you can even string together miniature wreaths with which to decorate your candles. No matter what season it is, the DIY decor possibilities are endless! 

If you’re looking for outdoor Thanksgiving decor ideas as well, we have all the tips and tricks you might find yourself looking for! You can expect our decor ideas to set a lasting impression on your guests from your front porch to your wreath. Whether you are looking for inexpensive or fun and long-lasting craft ideas, we’ve got you covered. 

Simple Table Setting

When it comes to setting your table with cutlery and dishware, you can create a simple, yet chic tablescape with pieces of seasonal fruit to sit on top of a linen napkin laid on each plate. Fruits are often associated with the holiday of Thanksgiving as they were provided as an offering on the first recorded celebration. You can also add vases of fresh wildflowers throughout the table for an effortlessly, undone fall look. Some of the colors you can incorporate into the cloths and linens to sit on your plate can consist of hues of red, maroon, and brown. These colors also do a phenomenal job of casting a thankful and inviting feel. 

Handwritten Menu Cards

If you typically invite guests over with a handwritten letter of invitation, this is where your home’s fall decorations can shine. Along with an invitation, you can send a handcrafted menu of all the foods that will be included in your Thanksgiving feast. To contribute an extra effort towards the Thanksgiving feel, these invitations and menu cards can be done in calligraphy. Calligraphy is a traditional form of art and rhetoric and this image can be reflected in the simplicity of your cards! Menu cards are not only functional, but they are a sweet touch and beautiful addition to your Thanksgiving dinner. 

Natural Wood Cake Stand

It’s safe to say that a Thanksgiving dinner is not complete without a delicacy, such as an assortment of pies or cakes. If you want your homemade dessert to stand out from the delicatessen on the corner, you can make use of a chic wooden cake stand. Wood is a natural element, thus, it is accompanied by a sweet and natural smell. It also protrudes a texture that executes comforting and blessed vibes. You can also gather the yellow and red leaves that cover the majority of your yard to add a more thankful touch. If you’ve invested a lot of time in making a delightful dessert, you might as well complement it with the showcase it deserves! 

Deck Out Your Pickup Truck

If you’ve been wanting to host an event or holiday celebration outside, you can definitely work with what you’ve got! Some people view pickup trucks as an eyesore— we see this an opportunity to incorporate an antique into a holiday fulfilled with thanks! Don’t be afraid to run the engine of your old pickup truck, park it in reverse, and knock down the bed to place any extra decor you may have. You can showcase your appetizers on the bed of the truck, incorporate a cornucopia with fruits and vegetables, and add freshly picked pumpkins, bold blooms, and plaid throw blankets and pillows. This can make your guests want to visit your home more often! 

Concrete Pumpkins In Every Corner

If you think concrete is limited to the mundane and mediocre, think again! With the help of silicone molds, you can make small concrete pumpkins and use them to align every available corner on your Thanksgiving table! If you would like to stray from the concrete and feel that you need more splashes of color, feel free to paint them in a variety of fall colors! 

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