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What Custom Homes in Southern New Mexico Have to Offer

Silhouette of cactus in desert landscape in front of vibrant sunset.

It’s no wonder that New Mexico is considered the “Land of Enchantment”. If you’re considering making a move down south, New Mexico is the perfect place to do so. The state is known for gorgeous adobe homes, cool and cozy weather, and crimson red sunsets. What makes the state even better is that here at Winton Homes, we can make the custom home of your dreams! We are proud to serve the southern area of New Mexico and provide you with a home of elegance. What exactly goes into our custom homes in this southern region? We’ve got everything you need to know.


Building a home in New Mexico enables us to reflect the culture that thrives throughout the region. Some of the most popular styles are Pueblo Revival architecture and Territorial Revival architecture. Both of these styles are heavily based on the ancient architecture of the Pueblos. With the inspiration of these styles, we can incorporate our own unique details to compliment the popular ancient designs of homebuilding. 

Maximizing Landscape

With our extensive background, we have all the experience you would need to make your home more open to display the luxury and work-ethic that goes into it. By carefully visualizing and analyzing your home and the area it resides in, we can come up with a plan as to how we can make your property flow with the breathtaking landscape that New Mexico has. 

Exquisite Home Exterior 

Whether you want your home placed on a flat lot or rugged hills, we can guarantee that you will find yourself beyond satisfied with our exterior designing. We can place and construct your home to your desire with elegant material and features without having to sacrifice cost-effective strategies. We can provide a soft contemporary, Southwestern style home with a living room full of soaring clerestory windows to allow light in and to expand the space. 

Innovative Designs and Long Lasting

We are also proud to construct contemporary homes, which are great for implementing new technologies and longer-lasting material. Our customs homes are crisp with clean lines that harmonize the warm tones and organic material of New Mexico. We can also implement floor to ceiling windows, brick floors, light wells, a masonry fireplace, and steel doors that have become key elements to keep your home looking beautiful and up to date. 

Winton Homes: Your Go-To Home Designer

With our knowledge and background in custom home building, it would be too hard to pass up an opportunity for an elegant home! Don’t hesitate to contact our team today to learn more about how we can create the home of your dreams.

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