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Choosing the Right Floor Plan: From Foundations to Final Details 

Building your home is an exciting venture. It’s often so exciting it makes people giddy. We don’t blame you! We know that sketching out your future place is an incredible feeling. There is so much to consider and you don’t want the excitement to lead you to leave out important things you want to include in your home. There are likely details that you have in mind already and here at Winton Homes, we want to make sure that your home is the home of your dreams. So with countless floor plans out there, what is it that you’re looking for in a floorplan? We review a few major things and details to look out for when it comes to choosing or customizing a floor plan. 

Let’s begin with a few foundational questions. 


Consider your family size or soon-to-be size and whether you would prefer to have stairs in your home. Do you see the layout being one level or two levels? Starting with this question can give you an idea of where to begin. 

Write down needs

You might be thinking of a lot of details, features, and design options you want to see in your new home. Rather than risk leaving one out, write everything down. In fact, create a whole spreadsheet of your needs and wants for your home. Consider the now but also the not so distant future and/or how your family’s needs might change. 

Assess your lifestyle

This might seem quite obvious, but spend some time observing where you spend most of the time in your current home or apartment. Do you mostly spend it in the office? Are you in need of an office? Do you use the kitchen table as an office? If so, how can a new floorplan fix this?

Envision yourself in the plan

This is often referred to as considering ‘the flow.’ It refers to how things flow from one room to another. With today’s technology, many floor plans can be pulled up in 3d models that allow you to walk throughout the house. If not, take a look at the floorplan and envision yourself walking from the laundry to the bedroom, from the kitchen to the patio, etc. And try to piece together a picture of how your space will be distributed. How does your future line up in the layout?

Consider open spaces

Today’s modern homes typically utilize an open floor plan. The kitchen, dining area, and living room all bleed into each other to allow for more free-flowing movement and open spaces. Some people, however, still prefer a little enclosed space or having a traditional dining room on the side or perhaps a little separation in the living area. Think about whether you want a more open floor plan or a closed floor plan. 

Other Details to Consider 

There are plenty of other details to consider about your new floor plan that are often seen as minor but can make a big difference. Some of these include:

  • Size, orientation, and location of the utility room and laundry rooms
  • Possible room for a home office
  • The layout of the backyard and how it relates to the rest of the home?
  • Design features like the type of windows and doors

A Word On Some Winton Homes Floor Plans

Here at Winton Homes, we use only top-of-the-line floor plans with lots of flexibility and balance between modern, luxurious, and top performance. 

We have a wide variety of floor plans here of two bedrooms, three, or four bedrooms and one car or two-car garage. Depending on your needs as well we have homes with 2, 3, or 3. 5 baths. You can find a wide array of floor plan options here. 

Let’s take two of our floor plans: from one of our smaller to our bigger plans.  

The Hayes

A smaller layout with the same functionality and performance. This is a two-bedroom two-bathroom home with a one-car garage and perfect for a smaller family or young couple. The entryway leads you into a side hallway that touches both the master bedroom and then the other bedroom. At the end of the hallway, you’ll run into the family room, dining room, and kitchen. These three bleed into each other in an open floor layout giving the home a welcoming shared space with lots of natural light.  

La Francia 

This is a beautiful 4 bedroom home with a lovely front. The entryway takes you into a hallway that leads into one of the bedrooms and leads you into the dining area and living area. These two areas bleed into each other, leaving a great open space in the middle of the home. In the back is the Master bedroom close to the patio and the backyard. The kitchen is on the opposite side of the dining and living area but bleeds into the space as well. The other bedroom is on the left-hand side of the kitchen. 

Get the Custom Treatment at Winton Homes

Your home is a great investment. Winton Homes wants to make sure that the floor plan is right for you and your family. Everybody is different and that’s why custom matters. It’s why we sit down with our clients and really get to know their vision. Call us today and let’s start building.

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