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A Look Into the Many Benefits of Energy Star Homes

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There is a lot of talk these days about energy efficiency and home performance. And a lot of things are often labeled ‘energy efficient, but what does that actually entail and how are you sure that your home has the recommended specs for optimal efficiency? Here at Winton Homes, we take great pride in building contemporary homes that are not only aesthetically pleasing, beautifully laid out but also are functional and designed to save you energy costs. We see the Energy Star logo as a commitment to providing simple and efficient building materials for your home. 

What is Energy Star? 

This is a government-backed symbol that stands for simple energy-efficient solutions. Energy Star is a voluntary program under the Environmental Protection Agency.  The idea was to establish a program that helped companies identify and use the most energy-efficient products. Companies all over the United States partner with the Environmental Protection Agency to deliver cost-saving energy efficiency in an attempt to improve air quality and protect the climate. Since the early 90s, Energy Star has saved American businesses and families nearly 4 trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity and achieved over three billion metric tons of greenhouse gas reductions.

What Are the Benefits of Having the Energy Star Symbol?

There are plenty of benefits that come with seeing that recognizable white and blue symbol in your home or apartment. Here are just a couple of the benefits:

  • Quality guarantee: With Energy Star, you can rest assured that the materials and products, as well as equipment, are of top quality. It uses certified professionals in installation and will, therefore, guarantee a lasting and enduring superior quality. This might mean less maintenance, less upkeep, and a longer-lasting system—whether it be the HVAC system or water systems in your home. 
  • Added Comfort and Performance: The use of Energy Star promotes added comfort throughout the whole house. Whether it is in the wintertime or summertime, the ability to effectively regulate your indoor temperature without hassle is a big win. At the same time, it does so in the most effective way possible. 
  • Peace of Mind: Another major aspect that is added when you have Energy Star, is a peace of mind that you are doing the most you can to reduce your costs, that the materials and products are high quality and will last a long time. 
  • Reduced costs: This is probably one of the biggest draws for many people: the fact that in addition to improved comfort and performance, Energy Star is proven to save households a considerable amount of energy costs over time. 

How Much Do We Save, Really?

According to the official government website, people can save 30% or about $575 on energy bills, while avoiding more than 5,500 pounds of gas emissions. Energy Star appliances in and of themselves do not necessarily cost more than other appliances either. Energy Star products can save over $100 a year. 

How Does It Work?

Energy Star encourages manufacturers to produce energy-efficient products and appliances. Through their suggestions, it reduces greenhouse emissions. In 1975, Congress passed the Energy Policy and Conservation Act. So it has been since then that our government agencies have considered energy efficiency at least as an important consideration. Energy Star helps provide well-researched and objective information to businesses and consumers so they don’t have to spend time and money doing their own research. It is a way to streamline information that is useful and valuable for the company but also for consumers. 

When it comes to building Energy Star homes, we use the research and information provided by Energy Star in order to take the best approaches to homebuilding. Homes that abide by the guidelines are at least 10% more energy-efficient than homes built to code. These homes achieve a 20% improvement on average. They provide homeowners with better quality homes, performance, and comfort. 

Energy Star in Your Home

Every state varies slightly. Here in the state of New Mexico, the building code has a Home Energy Rating System Index Rating of 83 or lower. We build homes with HERS ratings of 60. So we build homes that have a fully-integrated energy-efficient system that incorporates water management, energy efficiency, and certified HVAC systems. So when you see that logo on your new Winton Home, it means that it has undergone strict guidelines and gone through demanding requirements to achieve that HERS rating. 

Be Energy Efficient in Your New Winton Home

Our homes are constructed from quality materials every step of the way. We take great pride in our HERS ratings and our ability to provide our clients with the best options and optimal performance for their homes. A Winton Home calls for optimized living. It means living in a home that operates efficiently and keeps your family safe, sound, and comfortable.

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