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Should I Buy an Existing or New Home in El Paso?

one of the many beautiful new homes for sale from Accent HomesWhen it’s time to upgrade to a different home, the age old question remains: should I buy an existing or new home? Both have their own ups and downs. However, at Accent Homes, we are pretty confident in the quality houses we build. Nonetheless, we have an honest answer to your question.

The Benefits of Buying a New Home

Moving into your brand new home is a benefit in itself. You don’t have to worry about cleanliness or squeamish surprises. Countertops, tile, and closets will all be brand new and your family will be the first to fill it up. If you do end up with any kind of problems, it is nothing that the warranty won’t cover. The customizations that come with a new home are another great aspect. When you walk into the finished product you will have a true sense of home after seeing everything you have chosen in your very own style. Choosing the floorplan that will fit your family’s need the best is a great aspect as well. Your family will also benefit greatly from new cost and energy-efficient appliances and home-building methods.

A Few Downsides of New Homes

The awesome feeling of new homes is often trumped by having to settle for specific neighborhoods that aren’t completely developed yet. However, with Accent Homes we have new builds in several parts of home with great commute times as our new developments are close to major freeways. Another aspect of moving into a newly built home is the wait. If the home is not pre-existing you will have to wait for construction to be completed. But, once you move into the fresh home with all your customization you may just forget all about the wait.

Benefits and Downsides of Buying a Pre-Existing Home

Pre-existing homes have ups and downs of their own. While you can search for homes in your preferred locations, the homes will be much older. This means they will come with older HVAC systems, appliances, and possibly outdated kitchens and bathrooms. This will cost you for updating in the long run. Older homes could also hide problems that inspectors can’t see. Rusted ductwork or badly patched roofs can turn into leaks in the future. Buying a pre-owned home may also come with mature trees and better landscaping, but again, the flipside is the fact that the existing landscaping may not be your style or preference.

Accent Homes Knows All About New Homes

When it comes to finding the right home with an affordable price tag in the right neighborhood, Accent Homes definitely knows how to help. We have a wide variety of homes to choose from. Please, contact us today so that we can answer your questions and help you start your search.

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