7 Great Additions For Your El Paso Custom Home


As more and more people reach the age and financial stability needed for a home, many are searching for the best options amidst a wild home market. For some, a pre-owned or tract home is a great option. They are often simple and have all of the essentials for most people. 

However, first-time homebuyers and veteran homeowners alike sometimes need a more custom touch for their homes. As one of El Paso’s leading custom home builders, the Winton & Associates team has worked with the full spectrum of custom home ideas and additions. As such, we have accommodated just about every idea offered by clients in our custom homes. 

In our latest blog, we detail some of our absolute favorite ideas for making a custom home more custom and extravagant. If some of these ideas resonate with you, contact our team today to turn those ideas into a reality! 

1) Home Theater

In the golden age of streaming services, it only makes sense to have a personal home theater to bring the movie theater experience closer. You can install a super-sized movie screen and a high-quality projector to watch your favorite cinema. For maximum comfort, spring for comfy and durable seats so your family and friends can watch in style. 

2) Custom Pool & Water Features

There is no better way to cool off from this sweltering El Paso summer heat than diving into your beautiful custom pool! With our custom homes, the limit of your pool is the limit of your imagination. We can incorporate backyard waterfalls, infinity pools, and much more into your outdoor space. 

3) Outdoor Kitchen & Bar

While showing off your gorgeous pool to friends and family, why not cook them some food in your outdoor kitchen? A state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen and bar would be a fantastic addition, great for any occasion! From enjoying a simple night under the El Paso sky to throwing a massive party, your outdoor kitchen and bar will make it better. 

4) Home Gym

If you’re going to be enjoying food and drinks in your awesome outdoor kitchen and bar, you may want to include a home gym to counteract those calories. Especially with COVID still in the air, it’s a great convenience to have your own gym to enjoy. With our designers, you can make your home gym as compact or grand as your heart desires. 

5) Open Floor Plan

One of the hottest trends in residential and commercial spaces is incorporating an open floor plan. Otherwise known as an open concept, an open floor plan refers to a floor plan that combines rooms that would normally be separate. For instance, your living room and kitchen could be one room rather than having an entire wall between them. 

Open floor plans allow for more flow and possibilities within a space. Without a solid wall separating rooms, you can play around with different interior design options and configurations. Open floor plans don’t have to be completely open, either. A half wall or screen divider could be used and still be considered an open concept because there’s no full, permanent wall. 

6) Solar Panels 

If you’re somewhat familiar with the Winton & Associates brand, you know we absolutely love solar panels! Solar panels are a technology that gives back in terms of environmental impact and monetary savings. Our team can install solar panels on your home's roof or as a standalone fixture near the home. 

As an Energy Star partner, we especially love the environmental benefits of solar panels. They contribute greatly to the home's overall efficiency and contribute to a greener, cleaner future ahead. 

7) Library

Love to read and soak up new knowledge in your off time? Have you been a bookworm your whole life? Then you should consider adding a grand library to your home!

Your library can be a simple built-in wall shelf or an entire room with thousands of books along the shelves. If you plan on reading in your library, be sure to add windows or excellent lighting to brighten up the room for the daytime and night. 

Create Your El Paso Custom Home With Winton!

At Winton & Associates, we know a thing or two about creating extravagant custom homes. We believe there should be no limits to a dream home, so we allow our customers to add everything their imagination can accommodate. 

Want to learn more about our custom homes or begin building your own? We’d love to help! Simply give us a call at 915-584-8629 to get started!